Max Cellgevity – Is Max Cellgevity Really a Breakthrough in Increasing Glutathione Levels?

>> Female speaker: Glutathione That may be a word you’re hearing for the very first time

But for many decades, glutathione has been well known to doctors and scientists around the world as the body’s master anti-oxidant and vital to human health As we all know, our bodies are made up of cells Trillions of cells in fact And these cells are essential for life The condition of our cells directly affects our health and every single one of our cells depends on glutathione

Allow me to explain Three of the most important things that our cells need to survive and maintain their health are oxygen, water, and fuel to burn for energy But every time we take these components into our bodies, our cells are confronted with damaging toxins and free radicals The body’s most important natural solution to this ongoing problem is glutathione >> Dr

Scott Nagasawa: Glutathione is very prevalent in our bodies It’s our body’s natural cell protector and it happens to be one of the most abundant anti-oxidants in our tissues It’s naturally produced by our bodies and is found in virtually all of our cells and this is an indication of how important glutathione is >> Female speaker: There is no greater protector of the cell than glutathione There are so many ways your body can benefit from optimizing glutathione levels

To give you some examples, glutathione effectively neutralizes many different types of damaging free radicals we encounter every single day Protects our bodies against oxidative stress, helps eliminate dangerous toxins from our cells, and supports and strengthens our immune systems And those are only a few ways that you may benefit from optimized levels of glutathione >> Dr Herb Nagasawa: Glutathione is found at every cell for good reason

It is the master anti-oxidant for the cell and protects every cell from oxidative damage resulting from oxidative stress >> Dr Scott Nagasawa: Glutathione is also a detoxifier, and one of the primary ways that our body eliminates environmental toxins Because glutathione has this multi-functional role in keeping ourselves healthy, I believe this is the reason why glutathione has this unique distinction of being the master anti-oxidant >> Female speaker: Unfortunately over time, we all suffer from decreased glutathione levels And the result is that our cells become more susceptible to damage and disease

And this poses significant problems to our health >> Dr Scott Nagasawa: Well, glutathione is responsible for detoxifying many of these environmental toxins that we inhale and we ingest And we do this through glutathione conjugation, which is a process where glutathione actually attaches to these toxic chemicals, making them more water soluble so we can get rid of them through our kidneys Glutathione is found primarily in our organs and tissues that are exposed to free radicals; therefore, you would see a high concentration of glutathione in our liver, our kidneys, our lungs because of all the environmental toxins that we breathe in, as well as we see a high concentration of glutathione on our skin, as well as in the lens of our eyes, because glutathione protects us against UV radiation

>> Dr Herb Nagasawa: The cell succumbs to the oxidative stress and cannot overcome the free radicals, and therefore you need glutathione constantly, throughout your life >> Female speaker: For decades, doctors and scientists have worked to discover a way to keep ourselves as healthy as possible, by optimizing our glutathione levels However, our body’s ability to optimize glutathione is directly dependent upon available cysteine within the cell Cysteine is a well-known amino acid that scientists have identified as the rate limiting factor for the production of glutathione The challenge for researchers has been figuring out a way to efficiently deliver cysteine to the cell, making it available to be used in the production of glutathione

When cysteine is supplemented, our digestive system simply breaks it down naturally, before our cells can receive any significant benefit The challenge was to develop a way to deliver cysteine to the cell intact, before the body could break it down >> Dr Herb Nagasawa: I committed myself to try to develop a cysteine delivery system so that the cysteine can be delivered directly to the cell so that the cells can manufacture glutathione on its own

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