How Diabetes Affects the Body 

Diabetes Mellitus, commonly called Diabetes is experienced when the insulin level of the body decreases drastically therefore affecting the process of breaking down of fats and carbohydrates. Diabetes also occurs when the body system fails to respond to insulin appropriately.

 Type 2 Diabetes is the commonest of all versions of Diabetes known as it is responsible for over 90% of the diagnosis. This version of diabetes has a lot to do with unresponsive insulin. 

 The breakdown of Glucose into various forms of energy is overly reliant on insulin – the lack thereof leads to Diabetes in most cases.

 Diabetics are people who suffere from Diabetes Mellitus or Diabetes insipidus; such people are prone to stroke, blindness, kidney failure and a host of other related diseases.

Research has proven that Diabetics have a high rate of decrease in their Glutathione level.


Cellgevity and Diabetes 

One of the major downsides of Diabetes is that it immensely reduces the precursors designed to synthesize Glutathione such as Glycine and Cysteine.. 

Patients suffering from type 2 Diabetes are lacking in Glutathione – the body’s master oxidant. Glutathione is not just an imperative for Diabetics to supplement, it is seemingly crucial for longevity and healthy living of the human cells.

The ability of a cell to survive and heal from the damage brought on by oxidative stress is determined by the capacity of an array of antioxidants. The underlying part of these defenses is Glutathione – present and active in every living cell. It is important to eliminate harmful toxins and heavy metals from our cells.

 Cellgevity, a glutathione-enhancing supplement boosts the healing process of the damaged cells and helps inhibit diseases viz: cancers, infertility, stroke, fibroid and to crown it all – it reverses the process of aging.



Cellgevity acts as an Anti-inflammatory: One of the core starting points of insulin resistance is inflammation.  Cellgevity helps kick out and prevent inflammation by reactivating and rekindling the inactive, weak and weary Glutathione in the cells of the body. When this happens, the insulin level in the body reverts to its equilibrium state, healing diabetes in the process.


Cellgevity reawakens the inactive antioxidants: 

Cellgevity is an excellent supplement for diabetics because it enhances the production of Gluthathione, the body’s master antioxidant.

Diabetics have high levels of free radicals and few antioxidants to neutralize their effect leading to what is technically known as oxidative stress. 

It would be beneficial for anyone suffering from Diabetes to increase their antioxidant supplementation – Cellgevity, undoubtedly would be the best choice. 

Benefits of Glutathione for Diabetics 

The under-listed benefits are just a few out of the slew of the countless health benefits of Glutathione. They fix issues that are often associated with Diabetes.


  1. GSH Helps with Weight Management More often than not, Diabetics gain weight excessively. Given that, obesity is also a factor that leads to and encourages the development of type 2 Diabetes. Glutathione can impede the storage of oxidative fats in the blood cells. Enhancing cellular metabolism and properly discarding unwanted fat cells or burn them up as energy instead of storing them in the body to cause more damage. 
  2. GSH Increases Energy Levels By improving the health of our cells, Glutathione improves our cellular energy production immensely. Annihilating the accumulation of toxins which bog down the cells production, increasing the mitochondria’s ability to produce energy and exhaust the free radical by products. Low energy levels is the commonest symptom among Diabetics, because their cellular energy production is limited due to this toxic buildup. This is the cause of shortness of breath after even the simplest tasks, general lethargy and the constant feeling of tiredness regardless of sleep. 
  3. GSH Strengthens the Immune System The build up of toxins in the body taxes our immune function hugely. Our body becomes vulnerable to exogenous invaders, infections and disease because it is preoccupied with the severe toxicity of its own cells. Hampering the immune function and limiting the immune response. Diabetics are far more vulnerable to infection and disease because of this immune handicap. GSH can detoxify these cells and restore the immune function. It is the single most important antioxidant to enhance immune function and fight off exogenous toxins. 


    Summary: Importance of Cellgevity for Diabetics 

    The immune function of Diabetics is already compromised, the addition of inadequate GSH synthesis only worsens the problem. Making it one of the most important antioxidants to supplement, supporting the immune system and helping balance blood glucose levels. 
    Cellgevity is the only tested and proven supplement that levels the playing field for diabetics. 


How to Cure Diabetes with Immune Supplement – Cellgevity

Diabetes complications can cause several other ailments such as blood circulation problem, stroke and other heart diseases, loss of eyesight and neauropathy.

There is an amazing medical findings for enhancing and restoring the body’s health with a protein immune system supplement.

A tiny but very important cell protective molecules call glutathione has been found to grossly deplete in people suffering from diabetes.

However, research has brought hope. With the findings of the the glutathione enhancement supplement called Cellgevity, diabetic patient can very well replace the lost glutathione

This can be done by taking the right dosage of cellgevity daily. Cellgevity intake has been found to very well increase the glutathione level.

It is a known fact that diabetes leads to low glutathione level in both tissue sample and the blood. This has negative impacts on all the other organ of the body, including the kidney, heart, eyes etc.

The best and working reversal and cure for diabetes is cellgevity. It strenghtens the body immune system thus reviving the damaged cell

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