Cellgevity and diabetes cure

Cellgevity and diabetes cure

This article also discusses in details the health benefits of cellgevity to diabetes. The benefits of glutathione against diabetes can not be over emphasised.

Diabetes is caused by high blood sugar and the inability of the body to break down sugar. In diabetic patients, the insulin can no longer be produced by the pancreas.

Can Cellgevity cure diabetes

The fact is cellgevity aids in the production of glutathione, which is the body number one antioxidant. Once the body now have substantial glutathione it is now able to heal itself of any sickness such as diabetes.

Oxidative Stress and Diabetes

The severity of diabetes grossly affects the glutathione status of the body. Diabetic people who poorly manage the diabetic condition most times have a swift depletion of their blood glutathione level. Some of the diabetic complications and even sudden death are linked to the level of oxidative damage resulting from the high level of blood sugar.

Diabetic complications can lead to damages in the body including:
The damge of the small and large blood vessels also called peripheral ascular diseases.
Kidney diseases: in diabetes, the blood sugar level is often too high. High blood sugar level destroys the kidney. Kidney damaged by diabetic condition is called diabetic nephropathy. This happens long before the patient starts getting the symptoms of kidney failure.
Diabetic patients should always carry out regular checks for kidney diseases. The test should include the usual urine test to detect protein in urine and also carry out regular blood test to show how well the kidney is. Diabetes is the most common causes of kidney diseases and failure

Cellgevity and diabetes cure

As we already know, cellgevity aid the body to produce glutathione, the highest and most effective antioxidants especially were it has been depleted. The enhancement of the glutathione in the body helps the body to heal itself naturally of any kind of ailment including diabetes.
How does glutathione relates with diabetes in our body? Diabetes patients have a very high level of oxidetive stress in the body. This means the body have very little antioxidents to reduce the destructive impacts of the free radicals produced by the high oxidative stress.
Suffering from diabetes reduces the level and quantity of glutathione in the body. This low level of glutathione and corresponding increase in free radicals futher complicates the diabetic condition thus increasing the level of oxidative stress the more.
How cellgevity helps reverse diabetes

increasing the intake of cellgevity for anyone suffering from diabetes will help increase the level of glutathione which is the body master antioxidants in the body. When glutathione level is increased in the body, the oxidative stress and free radicals wil be handled naturally.
Also, inflammations which caused the resistance of insulin in the body will be reversed. Glutathione is not just the master anti-oxidants, but also an anti-inflamatory supplement.

Increasing evidence in both experimental and clinical studies suggests that oxidative stress plays a major role in the pathogenesis of both types of diabetes mellitus. Free radicals are formed disproportionately in diabetes ….Abnormally high levels of free radicals and the simultaneous decline of antioxidant defense mechanisms can lead to ….development of insulin resistance. These consequences of oxidative stress can promote the development of complications of diabetes mellitus.” © 2003 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Biochem Mol Toxicol 17:24-38, 2003; Published online in Wiley InterScience (www.interscience.wiley.com). DOI 10.1002/jbt.10058

…there is evidence for increased oxidative stress in diabetes….With regard to diabetes, antioxidants…supplementation have been shown to be beneficial…Thus, it appears that, in diabetes, antioxidant therapy could alleviate the increased attendant oxidative stress and emerge as an additional therapeutic modality.” Vega-Lopez S, Devaraj S, Jialal I: Oxidative stress and antioxidant supplementation in the management of diabetic cardiovascular disease. J Investig Med 2004, 52(1):24-32. PubMed

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine have discovered that inflammation…leads to insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes.” ScienceDaily (Nov. 7, 2007)


How to Cure Diabetes with Immune Supplement – Cellgevity

Diabetes complications can cause several other ailments such as blood circulation problem, stroke and other heart diseases, loss of eyesight and neauropathy.

There is an amazing medical findings for enhancing and restoring the body’s health with a protein immune system supplement.

A tiny but very important cell protective molecules call glutathione has been found to grossly deplete in people suffering from diabetes.

However, research has brought hope. With the findings of the the glutathione enhancement supplement called Cellgevity, diabetic patient can very well replace the lost glutathione

This can be done by taking the right dosage of cellgevity daily. Cellgevity intake has been found to very well increase the glutathione level.

It is a known fact that diabetes leads to low glutathione level in both tissue sample and the blood. This has negative impacts on all the other organ of the body, including the kidney, heart, eyes etc.

Cellgevity and diabetes. The best and working reversal and cure for diabetes is cellgevity. It strenghtens the body immune system thus reviving the damaged cell

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Can Cellgevity cure diabetes

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