Benefits of Glutathione for Athletes

Benefits of Glutathione for Athletes

Glutathione as widely believed, is the body’s master antioxidant present in every cell of the boday and multitudinous in most cells than the others.

During an aerobic activity; it has been proven that the level of active glutathione in our body cells recuces by 40%.

Listed below are the fundamental actions carried ou by Glutathione in the cells that enhances healthy living:

  • Acts as an antioxidant
  • Acts as an anti inflammatory
  • It eliminate toxins and free radicals in the cells in your body.
  • It plays a major role in the production of Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which is required by cells for adequate functioning.

Understanding Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise

Running Marathons, Spending time on the treadmill and doing step board cardio are all examples of Aerobic activities.

Such activities require a lot of endurance and intensify the overall body temperature.

During this strenous activity, it is expected of glutathione to be used up and thus the need to be replenished.


Whereas Anaeroic exercises require less oxygen and anaerobic activities occur intermittently in sets and reps; usually lasting for less than two minutes before recovery. Anaerobic activities include; Weight lifting, sit ups and crunches.

During aerobic exercises, you build up free radicals but during anaerobic exercises; you build up lactic acid.

Lactic acid gets activated in the muscle cells during endurance-based workouts and they bring about a lot of pain. The production of lactic acid creates inflammation of the muscles and this is where Glutathione comes in, by helping neutralization of the inflammatory cells.

Basically, glutathione plays an instrumental role in recovery during aerobic and anaerobic activities.

The Role of ATP During Athletic Performance

Whenever you engage your muscle fibres either by running, deadlifting, squatting or whatever; ATP (packets of energy) gets produced and Glutathione aids supremely  in that in-vivo process.

ATP are produced in the Mitochondria of living cells, and withoutout adequate level of active Glutathione present in the body at the time of the production – the body’s Mitochondria will slow down the pace of ATP production. This explains why fitness enthusiasts with low glutathione level have the lowest endurance level during training.

During the process of athletic activity, free radicals tend to increase rapidly leading to vast inflammation within the cells.  Not a whole lot of toxins necessarily that are being dealt with at the time of aerobic activity, certainly not more than what the cells might have had to begin with but ATP production is a big issue. Because the more you’re working that cell the more the demand for the ATP, the more ATP that is made, the more the glutathione needs to be there to clean up the reactive oxygen species that are spun out as we make ATP.

How Does Glutathione Help The Recovery Phase Of Exercise?

After exercise, a number of reactions takes place in the body that aids the remodelling of muscle cells, toning and strengthening your core muscles are the few ones  worthy of mention. The goodnews is, Cellgevity – a glutathione boosting supplement has been discovered and made available over-the-counter to curb the problems athletes face such as delayed recovery, muscle tear and wear, stiff and stubborn muscles resistant to growth.

In the recovery phase, the cells are now at rest or certainly not being pushed as hard as during the exercise phase. This is the point where the cell is then trying to recover itself and make sure that it has optimal vitality.

If you look at the function of glutathione within the cell, it will do a clean up. It will clean up the reactive oxygen species and there’s other antioxidants that will help it. The other ones that you make yourself like catalase and superoxide dismutase and coenzyme Q10 and then the ones that you might consume in your diet, either because you ate food that was rich in antioxidants or you used a supplement that was rich in additional antioxidants.

Hydration of course is critical, because you’re trying to flush from your body the toxins that are being metabolised out of your cells. And any kind of acids that have built up from the athletic activity.

What we hear again and again from trained athletes who start raising their glutathione levels is:

  • “My stamina is better, my strength is better and my recovery was massively shortened.”
  • “I didn’t have the stiffness, the soreness, the inability to go do it again the next day that I normally would experience.”

Highly trained athletes are really tuned into their bodies, as they do a lot of things to support the health of their muscles. So for them to have that kind of experience, it makes the rest of us wonder what’s going on. And it comes right back to decreasing inflammation within the cells – post exercise. That’s where glutathione fits in very nicely.

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