Low level of glutathione in the body can lead to many complications and diseases in the human body. The low level of glutathione has been found to cause over 75 diseases in the human body including diabetes, Arthritis, Stroke, Hepatitis B&C, Alzheimer/Memory Loss, Sickle Cell, Cancer, Kidney Disease etc.

There is an amazing medical findings for enhancing and restoring the body’s health with a protein immune system supplement.

However, research has brought hope. With the findings of the the glutathione enhancement supplement called Cellgevity. Patient or people wishing to stay above this ailments can very well replace the lost glutathione in their body.

This can be done by taking the right dosage of cellgevity daily. Cellgevity intake has been found to very well increase the glutathione level.

The best and working reversal and cure for over 75 terminal sicknesses is cellgevity. It strenghtens the body immune system thus reviving the damaged cell.

Make money by helping people with their health.

Max as a business. How to make money from max
Max business model is very simple. In max you you have 3 different strategies on how you can make money from max easily.
1. Simply tell some one about the health benefit of max products such as cellgevity. When they begin to use the product max pays you 25% of each pack they order.
2. Enroll a max associate. You can enroll a prospect who may also be interested in making money for each person he also tells about max.

Below is a detailed analysis of how to make money with max.

  • You can make money from customers. Sale the max products you buy at wholesale price for profit to end-users like hospitals, pharmacies and individuals. Many max associates are making a full time income doing this. You can make huge profit selling max product at a margin.
  • Make money through preferred customers you introduced to max. Preferred customers are customers who chooses to be buying max product at a wholesale price. This group of people may not be interested in the max business, but are interested in the cheaper prices they may get as preferred customers. Max will pay you 25% of Cost Value 4800 Naira for each sales of cellgevity to a preferred customer.
  • You can make money from commission. Max fast start commission is commission earn for enrolling someone to max international as an associate member. Below is a break down of Max commission :
    Personal pack = 5600 Naira. If you refer some one to register as a max associate with personal pack, max automatically give you 5,600 Naira. The amount reflects on your max account one week after registration
    Professional pack = 23250 Naira. If you refer someone and get registered as associate with a professional pack, Max international pays you 23250 Naira
    Premier Pack = 46500 Naira. If you refer someone and get registered as associate with a premier pack, Max international pays you 46,500 Naira
    In Prime bonus you will need to enroll only three people under you as associates with active 100 cv each and you having a total of 500 cv. This level is the binary level 1 of max business.
    Once you reach level 1, you start earning 23250 naira every month.
    By helping 3 of your enrolled associate to reach level 1 each, you are automatically in level 2 and at this level 2 you start earning 116250 naira monthly.
    Also, if you help 3 people to enter into level 2, this qualifies you into level 3. In level 3 you start earning 465000 naira monthly.
    In max business, you own 2 teams, the right and left team. Each new associate you enroll is either in any of the teams. This 2 teams grows as your personally enrolled associates also enroll other associates themself. Your target is to grow a balanced right and left team. Max international pays you 10% of the volume of the teams earnings.
    Max international pays you upto 50% of every team binary commision and a percentage of the personally enrolled associate they enrolled. Max pays you this, upto the 7 generation.

If you have 59000 Naira or $49 to start this business with max international as a max associate.
Max international empowers people to help people. You will help people get better health and lifestyle while you get heavily rewared by max. Now the more max associate and max preferred income you sign into your team the more your income grows.
Although, you may not be interested in the business part of max interntional and just simply need max product, i will advice you join as a preferred customer, this will enable you buy cellgevity at a wholesale price

If you ever wanted a free cellgevity, you can get cellgevity for free as you grow your max business as an associate.

Stop by our frequently asked questions page if you still have some before joining max international. We look forward to partnering with you.

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